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Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching works on the premise that no leader is an island, and focuses on transforming the leader and the organisation as an integrated whole. Leaders live and work in complex, multi-layered systems which include their teams, colleagues, superiors, organisation, partners, customers, competitors, family, community and larger society. Systemic Coaching takes into account the interconnections, and how the leader’s actions, beliefs and values are linked to and can impact the wider system.

The traditional focus of coaching has been on the senior leaders in the organisation through Executive Coaching. There is an increasing appreciation that every leader is part of a larger system, and how a leader operates in those systems, and how those systems operate, has a significant impact on the ability of the leader to achieve desired outcomes. The challenges that present themselves as dysfunction, conflict and stuckness are usually an expression of something in the system, and only a systemic approach has an appreciable and long lasting effect.

Systemic Coaching is usually a journey of one year:

Group Sessions

Executive Coaching

Action Learning Projects

Group sessions are usually facilitated quarterly for a cohort of 12 to 18 leaders. Each group session is personalized based on the business and people context. Expressive Arts are integrated in group sessions for profound experiential learning in fun and interactive ways.

Executive Coaching for each leader usually includes 12 one-to-one sessions, and is interspersed with the group sessions. This enables the leader to apply the learnings from the group sessions and deep dive into specific challenges and transcend limits.

Action Learning Projects are scoped and owned by the leaders. These relate to live business context, involve cross-functional teams, and provide the opportunity to go beyond usual approaches to problem solving.

Transitions Coaching outlines some of the frameworks that are used in the group sessions and executive coaching sessions.