Expressive Arts Therapy

  • Are you experiencing self-doubt or confusion?
  • Are you navigating a career challenge or transition?
  • Are you undergoing anxiety, stress or depression?
  • Are you experiencing challenges in parenting?
  • Are you facing difficulties in your relationships?
  • Are you struggling to change habits or patterns?
  • Are you finding it difficult to deal with chronic health conditions?
  • Are you feeling stuck?

Any of the challenges mentioned above is representative of an important transition in your life or work. Expressive Arts is a powerful methodology to become aware of your barriers and reconnect to spontaneous expression. We facilitate your journey to a state of well-being through Expressive Arts Therapy.

Expressive Arts Therapy is an intentional and integrated use of multiple arts modalities to facilitate awareness, clarity and healing. It is based on the premise that all arts are interrelated and each has its unique role in the therapeutic work, depending on the objective for which it is being applied by the practitioner.

You do not need any artistic ability as the focus is on the process of creation and not on the artistic outcome. The concepts that are usually difficult to be expressed with words emerge as nonverbal symbols and metaphors through art and the creative process. You are able to access memories and narratives through engaging in the process with your body, emotions and thoughts. This enables you to heal and cope effectively with life and work.

Expressive Arts Therapy usually is a journey of:

One-on-one min. 8 Sessions

Session Duration 1 Hour

Frequency Weekly

Modalities Expressive Arts

For booking your appointment, contact Deepa Mahesh

For group facilitation using Expressive Arts, explore Arts Based Facilitation.