The unprecedented pace of change calls for a fresh approach to personal and professional transformation. We at ATMATVA seek to listen deeply to your context, see the challenges you are experiencing in your transitions, and personalize the journey in alignment with your aspirations. Our own lived experience and formal certifications form the foundation of the presence we bring to all our offerings for individuals, leaders and organisations.

We respect the uniqueness of each journey and choose the methodologies that best serve your goals. The group sessions benefit immensely from integration of experiential learning based on expressive arts with frameworks from transitions coaching.

Select below to explore the spectrum of our Expressive Arts and Transitions Coaching offerings:

Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts integrates movement, drawing, painting, creative writing, imagery, theatre, sand play, sculpting, music and psychodrama. This provides a vocabulary to experience and express different layers of self, and embrace them for growth. Expressive Arts enables you to see clearly the barriers to full self-expression. Engaging with this is a powerful way to reconnect to your intuition through spontaneous expression. This facilitates managing stressful transitions, self-discovery and personal growth.







Arts touches all levels of a human being:

  • Body – Movement and Dance enhances one's vitality, activates the mind body connection and allows a balanced flow of energy
  • Emotions – Spontaneous expression helps one to become aware, express, release, regulate and transform one’s emotions
  • Thoughts - Exploration of one’s dilemmas and choices facilitates clarity of thought and decisiveness in actions

We facilitate your holistic well-being by integrating the relevant expressive arts methodologies. You can work with us in 1-1 and/or group format.


Transitions Coaching

Transitions are the changes that you are navigating in your personal and professional contexts. In our experience, what made you successful in the past is not enough for future. Transitions Coaching is to help you develop the capacity to thrive in our times of disruptive change.

There are many approaches that can help you develop the capacity to proactively drive the change process. Some of these that we integrate to personalize your journey of self-discovery, team-collaboration and business transformation are as follows:

  • Polarities - The dilemmas and chronic issues we experience in our contexts are unavoidable. You can begin your journey to understand polarities at We use Polarity Thinking to help you see, map and leverage these paradoxes, and drive personal and business transformation.
  • Values - Values are the source of our motivations and decisions. You can begin your journey to understand values by taking a free 5-minute assessment at We use many methodologies to help you live in alignment with your core values as an individual, leader and organisation.
  • Vision & Mission - We use the Four Why’s Process (Source: Richard Barrett) for creating mission and vision statements.This process addresses the needs of employees, customers and society. The outcome is four statements that represent the internal mission and vision, and the external mission and vision.
  • Propensities - We use the Pandava Profile (Source: Raghu Anathanarayanan) for understanding the tendencies in us, and how we make meaning of self, others and the world. Ancient Indian wisdom is used to understand our inner struggles and modern dilemmas, and discover possible action choices.

We offer Transitions Coaching in two formats- Executive Coaching and Systemic Coaching. Executive Coaching enables individuals and leaders to transcend limits with a 1-1 journey. Systemic Coaching enables business transformation by being the trusted partner for the senior leadership team in leading transitions.