Anil Grovor

Anil Grovor

Chairperson &
Transitions Coach

Anil is the Chairperson & Transitions Coach at ATMATVA with over 29 years experience. He is a certified Leadership Coach from Coach for Life, USA ( accredited with International Coaching Federation (ICF). He is certified in Barrett Values, Cultural Transformation Tools ( and has used them for coaching journeys, culture measurement and facilitating senior leadership dialogue. He is certified for Polarities Management (, and has extensively used it in coaching journeys as well as systemic transformations. He is certified in ‘Arjuna Awakening’ – a coaching paradigm based on archetypes from Indian Wisdom, and anchored in deep contemplative listening – this is soon to be recognized by European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC). He is currently part of 3 year certification (2016-18) in Biography (Life Story) Work that works with 7-year life phases and helps find patterns and interconnections in one’s life.

Anil sharing about transitions through his own life journey

Anil Grovor is an alumni of IIT Roorkee and IIT Delhi. He pioneered advanced software product development for telecom and networking infrastructure for nearly two decades. He started his career with C-DOT Delhi in 1989 where he led the Operating Systems team in digital switching systems products. He relocated to Hyderabad in 2000 to setup the subsidiary of a Boston based Networking Protocol Products company (NetPlane Systems). He created a high performance and inspired team that created the world’s first redundant and resilient IP Routing software product line from scratch. Motorola Computer Group based out of Phoenix acquired NetPlane Systems in Jan 2003. He played the dual role of leading the India organization as well as Engineering for Embedded Communications Computing business of Motorola. He provided business, technology, and people leadership for India organization while collaborating with centers across US & Europe and interacting with customers and partners worldwide.

In his entrepreneurship journey, Anil’s first startup was a wearable tech product company in 2008. Anil co-founded a digital startup in 2010 where he took the role of chief mentor. He was drawn to coaching top and senior leaders and over the past few years has been focused on it full time. He is committed to always serving the highest interest of the Coachee in holding the space for them to transcend limiting patterns and helping them thrive in our times of disruptive change.