For Organisations

Organisations are a reflection of the top leaders and we offer executive coaching for the leaders to develop capacity of presence, and respond to disruptive changes. Arts based facilitation is used for leaders to be more empathetic, and for teams to de-stress, revitalise, and be more productive.

We help the top leaders to see the polarities beneath the chronic systemic issues, and be effective in driving business transformation. We help the organisations to clarify their vision, mission and values, and facilitate a rich data-driven dialogue among the senior leadership team for culture transformation.

We use a unique blend of expressive arts and transitions coaching to enable experiential learning and creative collaboration.

Business Transformation through Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching goes beyond coaching the leader. The success of the leader, team, organisation and the wider system are intrinsically bound together. Systemic Coaching recognises and addresses the importance of these interconnections for sustainable transformation. The journey includes Group Sessions, Executive Coaching, and Action Learning Projects.

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Enhance Productivity through Arts Based Facilitation

Arts Based Facilitation is very effective for teams to come together to have fun and learning. It offers a play space to enable self-exploration and reflection. The group sessions can be personalized for teams to serve their needs of trust and cohesion, de-stress and rejuvenation, visioning and alignment, creative collaboration and more. The experiential learning enables the teams to replicate their learnings in their work.

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