For Individuals

We facilitate personalized 1-1 and/or group journeys of individuals going through personal and professional transitions. The methodologies of expressive arts and transitions coaching are used to help individuals experience well-being, find meaning and purpose, and transcend limits.

Transcend Limits through Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching helps you become aware of your underlying assumptions and limiting beliefs. The clarity and practice helps you transcend your limiting patterns and unleash your highest potential. We offer a free 30 minute session for assessing the chemistry and readiness before finalizing the coaching agreement.

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Emotional Well-being through Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy uses multiple arts modalities like movement, drawing, painting, creative writing, imagery, theatre, sand play, sculpting, music and psychodrama for exploring your life challenges. This helps you overcome anxiety, and move beyond current state of stuckness to a state of awareness, clarity and healing.

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Discover Self through Arts Based Facilitation

Arts Based Facilitation uses expressive arts in 1-1 and group formats to help individuals in their experiential journey of self discovery. You do not need to have a prior experience with arts. We offer personalized modules that focus on your values, vision, career choices, emotional sensitivity, life patterns and life purpose.

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OPen Workshops

In addition to 1-1 sessions, there is value in experiencing self and others in a group setting. To explore our public workshops:

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