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ATMATVA Wellness Festival

ATMATVA Wellness Festival on Sat, 15th Dec, 2018

  • Brings together leading experts from different fields
  • Enables individuals to experience a wide spectrum of perspectives on Wellness
  • Offers powerful insights and practices in the four dimensions of body, emotions, thoughts and essence.  

9:00 AMRegistration
9:30 AMWelcome and Lamp Lighting
9:45 AMEurythmy for Social Connection - Deepa Mahesh
10:30 AMKeynote Address: Decoding Wellness - Anil Grovor
11:00 AMMorning Tea
11:30 AM

1-1: Playback Theatre for Emotional Wellbeing - Rajesh P.I

1-2: Self Care through Inner Child Healing - Kapila Ramakrishnan

1-3: Conscious Parenting - G. Manivannan

1-4: Tai Chi - The art of moving meditation - Ajinkya Pinto

1-5: Fun with Arts - Neelam Dixit

1:00 PMLunch
2:00 PM

2-1: The role of music in emotion and expression - Purvaa Sampath

2-2: Workplace Wellness - Ashwini N.V

2-3: Embracing emotions through storytelling - Sowmya Srinivasan

2-4: Fun with Arts - Neelam Dixit

3:15 PMAfternoon Tea
3:45 PM

3-1: 5Rhythms dance and movement meditation - Shanti, AV Art Service

3-2: Aahara : Ayurvedic perspective to Nutrition - Dr. Anupama Santosh

3-3: From Illness to Wholeness - Vijay Bhat

3-4: Fun with Arts - Neelam Dixit

5:15 PMAssemble at Tatva Hall
5:30 PMRhythms of Togetherness - Sekar Upilee, Sumukh Ravishankar, Sudha Rengarajan, Dhwani Swaminarayan, Deepa Mahesh
6:15 PMVote of Thanks
6:30 PM

End of Festival

There is no registration fee in alignment with our aspiration to make Wellness accessible to all. We will be grateful if you choose to contribute as you wish to help us meet our expenses.


Event Details

15 Dec, 2018
09:00 am to 06:30 pm
Montfort Spirituality Centre

Montfort Spirituality Centre,
#184, Old Madras Road,
Opp. Swami Vivekananda Metro Station,
Indiranagar, Bengaluru - 560038

ATMATVA Wellness Festival

About the facilitators

Deepa Mahesh Deepa Mahesh: Deepa Mahesh is the co-founder of ATMATVA and practices as an Expressive Arts Therapist And Arts Based Facilitator. She integrates movement, imagery, drawing, painting, creative writing, sculpting, sand play, and theatre in her therapy practice and group facilitation thereby helping individuals and leaders connect with their body, feel their emotions, transcend their limits and realize their highest potential. ATMATVA Wellness Centre is the expressive arts space run by Deepa, with diverse art materials and methodologies for individuals to explore and express their deepest thoughts and feelings. She is undergoing a 5 year certification (2016-20) with London 'Eurythmy' group. She has been adopting Eurythmy in her personal practise and is determined to share the healing effects of this art form with humanity at large. Her passion is to continuously explore and spread awareness of alternative healing methods to bring about holistic wellness.

Anil Grovor Anil Grovor: Anil Grovor is a Transitions Coach, Leadership Facilitator, Inner Work Researcher, Entrepreneur and Technology Leader with over 29 years experience. As the Chairperson of ATMATVA (, he works with individuals, leaders and organizations for personal and systemic transformation journeys. Anil is an alumni of IIT Roorkee and IIT Delhi, and has been passionately engaged in continuous learning. Anil is a certified executive coach, culture transformation facilitator, polarity thinking consultant, yoga therapist, arjuna awakening coach, and biography work consultant. He combines western frameworks with eastern wisdom and his lived experience to create the space for individuals and groups to transcend their limiting patterns. The mission of ATMATVA is to make transformation personalized and accessible.

Rajesh P.I Rajesh P.I: Rajesh is a theatre trainer, actor and Reiki healer. He has acted in eight full length commercial films in Kannada, one Indie film and one Malayalam film. He has been pursuing theatre for the last 25 years and has been facilitating theatre based workshops for a large spectrum of audience including actors, educational institutions, corporates and NGOs. He founded The Actors Collective three years ago and his group has performed in two TEDx talks in 2017. He is the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN) Regional representative for India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and his group is hosting IPTN Conference in 2019 in Bangalore.

Kapila Ramakrishnan Kapila Ramakrishnan: Kapila Ramakrishnan is a practicing Life Coach, Healer and Spiritual teacher, trained in Inner Child Work, Past Life Regression, Rebirthing Breathwork, Emotional Wellbeing and other Energy Healing practices. She serves as the Head of Programs at Pragya Living Wisdom Centre in Bengaluru. With a decade of experience in the field of Holistic Health and Spiritual Living, Kapila offers personal sessions and workshops to individuals as well as in corporates. She has worked with both Indian and Overseas clients.

G. Manivannan G. Manivannan: Manivannan is the founder trustee of Heart and Soul Foundation, which runs “Kingdom of Childhood”, a Waldorf Kindergarten; Kalpataru, a curative school; and Upanishad, a Grade school. He met Steiner education in 2003 when he was homeschooling his children. His passion for Steiner education and service of people with special needs led him to complete the RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) qualified course in Special Education, and the art of Curative education and Socio-therapy at the Friends of Camphill, India. He delivers workshops like “Art of Parenting” to prospective parents and teachers across India. His workshops on Steiner education have benefited many parents in making a choice towards conscious schooling and parenting.

Ajinkya Pinto Ajinkya Pinto: An engineer at heart and by education, Ajinkya Pinto has been a techie in the IT industry for over 14 Years where he has also managed people & operations and is currently a Business Program Manager in the field of Change Management with a motto to make change easier for everyone. Inspired by his father at an early age, he has explored various forms of free hand exercises apart from which he has dabbled with weight training & martial arts. His personal life situations led him to begin his training in TaiChi in the Yong Nian Yang style Tai Chi by 6th Generation Grand Master Sifu George Thomas in 2013. His journey to gain proficiency in this form led him to give his first public demo of 28 Forms Sword in 2016 and has been evangelising TaiChi and its benefits. He has been teaching since 2016 and is an ardent believer in the benefits of daily practice for a healthy body and mind. He also trained in Yoga and Nutrition.

Purvaa Sampath Purvaa Sampath: Purvaa Sampath, the founder and director of Mayahs’ Universe, is a graduate from Berklee College of Music and the only CBMT Board certified music therapist in the country. With a dual-degree in music therapy and performance, Purvaa has had the opportunity to practice as a student music therapist in some of the top institutions like Perkin’s School for the Blind, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts, USA. In her time with A Place To Be, an award-winning expressive arts therapy organization, she worked with a variety of populations from children and young adults on the Autism spectrum, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke rehabilitation, mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia to geriatric care for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia and terminally ill clients. She specialized in working with the mental health population during her time at INOVA’s behavioral health facility in Virginia, USA. Her aim is to create a clinical standard for music therapy and provide access to education in order to establish and grow the industry of music therapy in India.

Ashwini N.V Ashwini N.V: Ashwini N.V is the founder-director of Muktha Foundation, an organization committed to prevent abuse and promote mental health. She is an adjunct faculty in post graduate department of Psychological Counselling at Jain University & Montfort College. She is specialized in Family and Marital Therapy. She was an affiliate therapist with PPC worldwide for their employee assistance programme in the corporate sector. She has a vast experience of facilitating wellness-centric workshops in corporate sector. She has designed hundreds of life-skills based programmes within workplace setting. She predominantly uses humanistic approach and strength-based approach as the foundation to her practice of counselling and psychotherapy. A proponent of expressive therapies, she incorporates therapeutic art modalities in her group work.

Sowmya Srinivasan Sowmya Srinivasan: Sowmya Srinivasan is a storyteller, educator, blogger and mother of two, but deep within a gypsy at heart as she wonders and wanders through the imaginative mind! She has been telling stories from 2008 to people of all ages. It started as a passion to bring stories alive through her skill in dance and music, but over the years she has experienced the transformative power of stories and that is what drives her to use it as a creative and curative tool. She uses storytelling, theatre techniques and craftwork to develop creative thinking in children through a venture called SoulSpace Storytell. She is also founder –member of Bangalore Storytelling Society, a non-profit that helps to nurture and inspire adults to tell and share stories of all kinds. With a PG Diploma in Special Education from VidyaSagar (Chennai) and an M.Phil in Psychology from Annamalai University, she is also trained in Theatre of the Oppressed and Improv Theatre techniques to better understand the imaginative mind. She curates a blog inspired by personal stories called Reinvention Stories. This blog is one of a kind as it captures stories of ordinary Women and the journey they took to transform themselves at a later point in life. These are empowering stories and have touched the lives of many women and people who have read it. (

Shanti, AV Art Service Shanti, AV Art Service: Shanti studied arts at the prestigious Film Academy of Performing Arts, Prague and did her Masters degree at National Film & Television School, London. She founded one of the leading creative documentary production and distribution companies, which she has been running 15+ years. At a crossroad in her life in 2008, she started looking deeper into herself. In her quest of self discovery and spiritual growth, she discovered herself through dance. She trained in Biodanza and as a Gabriella Roth’s 5Rhythms Dance and Movement meditation practice teacher. She coaches and mentors producers, managers, filmmakers and artists on how to reach their full creative and professional potential. As a teacher, she has taught in Korea, Mexico , Chile, Taiwan and other countries. She is currently based in Auroville in Tamil Nadu, India.

Dr Anupama Santosh Dr Anupama Santosh: Dr.Anupama is an Ayurvedic consultant at Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center based in Bangalore. She believes that the Ayurvedic way of living is more relevant today than ever before. Her approach to treatment is always a combination of Aahaara (diet advice), Vihaara (lifestyle changes) and Oushadha in that order. Her success in treating infertility cases has earned her immense love and gratitude from her patients. She treats infertility cases related to PCOS, Hydrosalphinx, PID, Cysts and Fibroids, Endometriosis, Poor egg quality, Repeated abortions, unexplained infertility etc., She offers supportive therapy to increase success of IVF and other assisted conception methods. Her holistic approach to the treatment of PCOS, which includes diet and exercise advice along with medicines has won many hearts. She strongly believes that medicines are only a small part of treatment and adopting the right nutrition does a long way for long term benefit.

Vijay Bhat Vijay Bhat: Wanderer, Dabbler, Seeker, Sherpa. Advertising professional (25 yrs), Leadership Coach, Consultant and Facilitator (13 yrs), now a Cancer Coach & Social Entrepreneur. 17-yr Colon Cancer Thriver. Co-author of 'My Cancer Is Me - The Journey From Illness to Wholeness'. Endlessly fascinated by the 3 Domains of Nature, Culture & Self. Lived, worked and travelled all over the world, and based in Mumbai, for now. Married to Nilima. 2 kids: Shravan & Shambhavi.

Neelam Dixit Neelam Dixit: An educationist, a passionate crafter, an artist, a handwriting analyst, a counselor, an NLP-ier are all the facets of the creative and multitalented Neelam. She started her career as a physics teacher working with high school students. Her quest to find alternative ways to make education Interesting and creative brought her to teach kindergarten students as she wanted to impact at the foundation level. She started a preschool “Charlesworth Nursery“ where she designed and deployed an integrative curriculum. For over a decade. she served as an education consultant to ‘The Times of India’ where she facilitated numerous workshops in schools spread over Bangalore integrating life skills, craft and NLP methodologies. Currently, she runs a school “PROGRESSIVE STAIRS” and also works at ‘MIND COGS’ as a Chief facilitator and designs learning programs for children through quizzing. She feels joyous when she is with children as she contributes to their learning process and learns her life’s lessons from them.

Sekar Upilee Sekar Upilee: Raised by drumming legends Balashanmugam ( one of the many guru’s of drummer Sivamani ) and Somasundaram , Sekar Upilee was fortunate to be born with drumming sticks. While he learnt technicalities from his father, Balashanmugam, Somasundaram, his uncle was his inspiration. At the age of 6 he started going to shows with his uncle and at 11, he started performing on stage. Sekar completed his certification( grade 5) from Trinity School of London and has 25 years of rich experience as a professional drummer and percussionist. He spent his early career in Middle East and became an integral part of overseas orchestra for famous singer SP. Balasubramanian. He has performed in all Tamil Sangam’s overseas for years and is known for onstage jamming and fusion with many instruments. Inspired by his uncle , he took on the task of teaching kids, teenagers and passionate drummers and guided them to appear for various levels of accreditation from Trinity college of London. His work has received appreciation from eminent musicians.

Sumukh Ravishankar Sumukh Ravishankar: Sumukh Ravishankar is a professional freestyle percussionist. A self taught artist for whom theater itself played the role of guru in his childhood. He plays various percussion instruments such as drums, djembe, Cajon, conga, bongo, and ofcourse the legendary Thamate! As a child, he grew up performing in many theatre acts and his interest towards music developed quite naturally. He is now one of the most recognised musicians of South India and plays for most of the familiar faces in the industry like Dr. B Jayashree , Chandan Shetty, Ananya Bhat to name a few. He also takes classes to train budding musicians.He believes performing is for self satisfaction and not for name or fame .

Sudha Rengarajan Sudha Rengarajan: A science graduate by education, a program test manager by profession, Sudha enlivens herself and others around with her sense of humour. She is a passionate drummer and won lot of hearts and awards during her college days and early years of work.She was part of the girls orchestra as a solo drummer.She has tried her beats with cajone, drums, timbolis, roto percussion, rhythm pad and parai ( oldest drums played in India). She is ever entertaining others with her rhythms on the laptop , bench, dining table and even with food plates. She enjoys photography, Illayaraja music and movies.

Dhwani Swaminarayan Dhwani Swaminarayan: Founder and Director of a learning consultancy, ‘Kiwings Services Private Limited’, Dhwani Swaminarayan is a passionate young leader with business acumen and a published author. She has always been fond of living and experiencing different cultures and their traditions. Born in the land of festivals and colours, Gujarat, she inherits the qualities of art, dance and celebration in herself. An enthusiast traveller, music lover, artist, dancer, learning designer and a trainer, Dhwani exactly knows how to strike the right chords in people around her for dancing, celebrating and enjoying. She has been working on making learning more enjoyable and experiential for learners through Kiwings.


Insights and practices for holistic approach to wellness

For Whom

  • You are 18+ 
  • You explore or deepen paths to healing and wellness 
  • You value improving your relationships
  • You seek to be more effective in your workplace

If you have children between 6 and 16, there is a a track through the day for them to be creatively engaged in art while you attend the sessions of your choice.


Perspective sharing and Experiential sessions through dance, music, arts, lectures and more… 







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