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KHOJ - Embracing My Emotions

How much am I aware of my emotions / feelings?
Am I able to express my emotions freely or do I feel stuck?

Experience a range of emotions and recognize the way one expresses / suppresses them.
Look at emotions objectively to understand their nature and power.
Explore alternate ways of ‘being’ and responding in heightened emotional states.


Event Details

19 Aug, 2017
09:00 am to 06:00 pm
ATMATVA Wellness Centre Room no. 14, Montfort Spirituality Center,
184, Old Madras Road, Indira Nagar,
Near Vivekananda Metro Station

About the facilitator

Deepa Mahesh Deepa Mahesh: Deepa Mahesh is the Co-founder of ATMATVA and practices as an Expressive Arts Therapist and Arts based Facilitator. She integrates movement, imagery, drawing, painting, expressive writing, sculpting, sand-play, psychodrama and theatre in her therapy practice and group facilitation thereby helping individuals and leaders connect with their body, feel their emotions, transcend limitations and realize their highest potential.

For Whom

Any individual - A Leader | A Professional | An Educator | A student | A Therapist | A Homemaker


Embodied practice , use of the body through movement and stillness to deepen the connection with ones emotions.
Other Expressive Arts techniques namely theatre, visual arts, imagery, claywork, and journaling


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This is a past event.